Image module
Nominal diameterDN40~500
Nominal pressurePN1.6~16.0MPa ANSI 150~900lb
Medium temperature-196~230℃
Connection methodFlange, welded
Bonnet TypeStandard Type, Low Temperature Type, Bellows Seal Type
Body materialWCB、CF8、CF8M、CF3M
Trim material304、304+Stellite、316L、316L+Stellite
Flow characteristicsEqual percentage, linear
LeakageANSI Class IV、V

YSIQ(D)24 series intelligent pressure balanced low noise control valve adopts modular design and compact structure. Through specially-designed symmetrical holes on the valve trim, noise can be reduced, and further reduction in pressure can be achieved, thereby preventing flashing and cavitation, and is particularly suitable for various high pressure differentials and low noise occasions to meet users’ higher requirements. Both sides of the valve seat can be used with the body pressure-type connection, effectively improve the valve’s sealing level and stability, and the use of maintenance is extremely convenient, which greatly improves the overall performance of the valve.

The actuator adopts the ZM10 multi-spring high-strength reinforced actuator. Through simple operation, the positive and negative reaction modes can be freely replaced on the site. The micro-positive pressure protection can effectively protect the spring and the diaphragm against corrosion, thus prolonging the execution. The service life of the mechanism facilitates the use of the user. The actuator and the intelligent valve positioner are designed without a pipe connection, which improves the anti-seismic performance, the use stability, and the adjustment accuracy of the regulating valve, and satisfies the precise adjustment of working conditions.

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