Image module
Nominal diameter20、25、32、40、50 、65 、80、100
Rated flow coefficient Kv5、8、12、17 、29 、43 、70、110
Rated stroke L (mm)20、30
Actuator modelZM10-1、ZM10-2
Diaphragm Effective Area (cm2)210 、320
Nominal pressure1.6MPa、4.0MPa、6.4MPa、160 MPa
Intrinsic flow characteristicsQuick open
Air source pressure (MPa)0.4~0.6
Electric ActuatorChoose according to the required thrust and stroke of the valve
Power supply voltage220V.AC 50Hz 380V.AC 50Hz(three-phase)
Working temperature – standard type-20~220℃

ZMQSY/ZDLSY series pneumatic/electric Y type trap is a new-generation steam trap specially developed and designed by our company based on the hydrophobicity of thermal power plant equipment. The product is close to a straight flow design, reducing the flow resistance, the principle of secondary throttling and reducing Erosion improves life. The valve core and valve seat adopt solid carbide, closed inner leakage ≤ VI grade, valve seat compression structure, detachable middle cavity seal design, eliminate leakage, easy maintenance and other characteristics, but also in flammable, explosive occasions Use, according to the control system or adjust the instrument signal, cut off or open the valve, so as to achieve the use of controlled parameters. Therefore, it is widely used in remote control of thermal power plants and other industries.

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