Image module
Nominal diameter DN15~250
Nominal pressure PN1.0~1.6MPa ANSI 150lb
Nominal pressure -20~120℃
Connection method Flange type
Plug type NBR、PTFE
Body material WCB、CF8、CF8M、CF3M
Seat material 304、316、316L
Flow characteristics Quick open
Rangeability 30:1
Adjustment accuracy 5%
Leakage – Soft Seal ANSI Class VI
Pressure adjustment range 0.25~100KPa

ZZV series self-operated micro-pressure regulating valve is an actuator product that does not need any external energy and uses the self-energy of the regulated medium to achieve automatic adjustment. The product adopts a balanced single seat valve quick opening flow characteristics adjustment mechanism, the internal use of non-filled, non-friction type movable components, stable medium pressure, high adjustment accuracy, for micro-pressure control, safe and reliable sealing performance, can be arbitrary during operation Adjust the settings and other features. Therefore, it is suitable for occasions such as the fuel gas of various industrial furnace combustion systems, the protection of the protective gas of the oil storage tanks and oil tanks, and the automatic adjustment of the heat treatment protective gas.

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