Yongsheng Welcomes “National Day” Basketball Tournament

From September 12 to 20, the 9-day Lu’an Street Trade Union “Welcome to the National” Workers’ Basketball Games in Fuyang District came to an end. The Yongsheng Basketball Team achieved great results after fierce competition.


The staff basketball competition was organized by the Lushan Street Federation of Trade Unions. It aims to invigorate the leisure life of the employees of the company, promote the unity and upwardness of the employees, and work hard to promote the full implementation of the fitness exercise for employees and the development of spiritual civilization construction. During the competition, the team members of Yongsheng consciously overcame the problems of injury and illness, heavy work tasks, etc., trained hard, worked hard, and researched technically and tactically. They adjusted their status to the best level within a limited period of time. Collaboration, wonderful goals, and beautiful cooperation occasionally caused the audience to cheer again and again.


In this competition, the Yongsheng team strictly abide by the rules of the competition, maintain the order of the competition venue, fully carry forward the spirit of solidarity, mutual assistance and courageous efforts of Yongsheng, enhance the team awareness and collective sense of honor of the employees, and invest in Yongsheng with a positive attitude. The construction goes.

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